One Room Schools

Tour of County's One Room Schools
Research by historical society member, Paul Meyer, began in 1981. Paul started by identifying the name, location, history and condition of each country school in what is now known as the Saline Area School District. His rough drafts were compiled into a notebook and passed on to other society members in 1987. As a country school graduate, I knew that this important work needed to be confirmed, upgraded and put into a format that the public could appreciate, enabling them to develop their own feelings about one-room country schools.

Touring the school sites was an experience I will never forget. Each site provided a different story. At some, only the front steps were still visible; at others, the water pump was the only reminder where the school had stood. At other sites, the school had collapsed into a pile of wooden timbers. Some buildings were being used as private homes. A school that was later moved into the City of Saline was being used as a tool shed. Finding the school sites and appreciating what happened there provided many interesting and emotional feelings.

Why not provide a simple foldup Tour Map that could be followed by those wanting to trace the experience that I had had? Society member, Sue Becker, volunteered to design the map layout and add the descriptions. The Weber-Blaess School was in the best condition of all forty-some school sites. A photo of this school was used on the front of the guide. Now located within the campus of Saline Area Schools, this building has been fully restored and provides a real country school experience for present and future students. What better outcome could there be for the work Paul and I had done to help identify the importance of our country schools!

Wayne Clements
Lodi Plaines Class of 1945